at you can
send and receive files
 Large or small in the most
 secure way the web has
to offer.
Whatever your files may be
 , documents, personal
information or pictures
& videos etc. ... if you
don't want anybody to
see what your sending
except the person your
sending it too , then
you need to use Cursor

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Free Internet Access Sites:

  • All Free ISP - Is the fastest way to find a free internet access service provider in your local area. With this comprehensive database of free isp local dialup access numbers, you can quickly find all free internet service providers in your local calling area throughout the USA and Canada. We also provide detailed information and ratings for each free isp to help you compare the free ISPs and select your new free internet access provider. Plus, All Free ISP now includes a selection of full-service, discount ISPs!

  • NetZero - Internet access and email for 10 hours a month. Free E-mail account, Reliable connections, Thousands of access numbers, Junk E-mail filtering .

  • NetValve - Prepaid Internet 1-HOUR FREE TRIAL. Your free trial can be used anytime in the next thirty (30) days.

  • Juno - Internet Access & E-mail for 10 hours each month. Free E-mail account, Reliable connections, Thousands of access numbers, Junk E-mail filtering.

  • Free AOL access offer - Unlimited hours free trial. Must be used within 45 days of initial signup.

  • Aardvaak free Net access - There are no setup or monthly fees - simply dialup using their 0845 numbers. Their numbers are charged at LOCAL call rates and can be accessed from ANY telephone provider.

  • - Free Internet Access ( May not be available in all areas.) Free web-based email account. Online Customer Support. Web directory and search engine. Enabled for web browsing and browser based applications only. No hourly limit! Requires monthly completion of offers.

  • Sputnik - You may sign up for membership in the Sputnik Network free of charge.

  • - Net4Nowt has been here since 1998 to help you find the right Internet Service Provider or ISP. An ISP is the company that helps connect your computer at home to the 606 million other Internet users on the planet. In addition to the most comprehensive directory of UK ISPs, you will find a useful discussion forum, FAQs, hints and tips to make this process that little bit easier.



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