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Free Fun Sites:

  • AFunZone.com - A Fun Zone is sure to entertain! Home to over 1000 Brain Teasers and 676 free to play games. A Fun Zone offers an absolutely enormous archive of free puzzles, games, brainteasers, quizzes, IQ tests, trivia, contests, and free stuff.

  • VirtualSuperhero.com - Take any image of a person and turn them into a virtual superhero.

  • HotAvatars.com - An online community for forum avatar lovers; those who create avatars or just use it and those who adore it. A large collection of Avatars, Signatures, Icons, textures, tutorials, forums and much more.

  • TournamentGames.com - Compete in Tournament Style Games Play for FREE or compete for CASH PRIZES No registration required to play free games.

  • AAAFreeGames.com - They have a wide variety of fun, free online games for you to play.

  • Free Singing Greetings - You're sure to find many unique and creative gift ideas plus free greetings to send out.

  • Dot-Bingo.com - Offers you the best bingo resources on the net, including reviews on online bingo software providers, up-to-date Bingo News, a special newbie Bingo terms glossary, and useful chat term Acronyms.

  • Schmaili - the funny e-mail tool for all those who do not ... want to send boring e-mails

  • PassTheFun.com - Browse through many different funny and amusing images, jokes, fake facts and games.

  • Buckaroos - Filled with funny jokes, images, game and more...

  • PollOver.com - Provides a daily variety of entertaining content. Vote on the public opinion polls and trivia questions. Contemplate the daily fun facts.

  • Free copy of Humor Times - Featuring the best editorial cartoons and humor columns
    from the finest talent in the country!

  • Error95 Joke Program - Is a joke/prank program that generates customizable fake error messages on Windows95/NT/98/XP. Drive all your friends crazy!!! Download this simple freeware right now and try it out! Check out the features and screen shots below!
  • Fart Machine - The Official Home of the downloadable Fart Machine - Downloaded over 7 million times!

  • Lucky Picks - Get your free online personal lucky lottery numbers for today instantly.

  • Cursor Fun - Will change the current mouse cursor to a user specified cursor. It allows you to choose which Windows cursor to change, what type of cursor to change it to, and how often you would like to swap the mouse cursor.

  • HeadAche - Is a highly technical and comprehensive software package which required literally hundreds of man hours of programming. At the core of this elaborate feat of programming genius was the exhaustive efforts of the RJL Software research and development team. Their goal was to create a program that would instantly give you a headache.

  • Black Screen - This security application will lock your desktop from unwanted users. There are several display options you can choose from, a totally black screen, capture the desktop, or display a specified bitmap. There is a setup screen where you can define the password, display type, mouse options, and more!

  • Fake Format - Mirrors the Windows "Format" functionality. Once the program is started, no matter which buttons are chosen, the program simulates formatting the specificed drive.

  • Random Wallpaper Changer - This program will randomly change the desktop wallpaper to other .BMP files at user defined intervals. Simply select the directory where the .BMP files are stored, and this program randomly displays a new wallpaper. The great thing about this program is that it runs behind the scenes.

  • The Finger Prank - The Finger will have you laughing for hours! Launch The Finger on an unsuspecting user and watch their reaction when the cursor changes to the middle finger and then back to normal again.

  • Program/WAV Launcher - This is a hidden program launcher. It will launch a specified program or .wav file at user defined intervals. The user can select the program or .WAV file to be launched and the frequency of launching.

  • Crazy Num-Caps-Scroll gag program - This program will toggle the Num Lock, Caps Lock, or Scroll Lock keys at user defined intervals. It is possible to setup which keys to toggle and how often to toggle each key.

  • Clickme - Click Me is a highly technical and comprehensive software package which required literally hundreds of man hours of programming. At the core of this elaborate feat of programming genius is the exhaustive efforts of the RJL Software research and development team. Their goal was to create a button that avoids your mouse pointer. They believe they have succeeded...

  • Fake Delete - Fake Delete simulates the deletion of all files/folders in the Windows directory or whichever directory is passed via the command line. Fake Delete uses the standard Windows delete dialog so it appears very realistic, and it cannot be disabled or stopped.
  • Fake Windows Start Menu - This program will replace the existing Windows 95 Start Menu (task bar). It will respond to nothing from the user. It is a perfect prank for someone who utilizes the Start Menu often.

  • JavaScript alert gag - Use JavaScript to give your visitors a little scare. Some of the more gullable visitors will even close be convinced that their computer has been completely contaminated.... Just another neat JavaScript effect.

  • Message Manager - This joke program will allow you to setup a message dialog for display on another user's computer. The text displayed, the image, the buttons (up to 9), can all be specified.

  • Bomb Crash Alert Gag - This program will display the standard Windows 95/98 "Illegal Operation" dialog box. It appears as though the user's application has crashed. Perfect for replacing a commonly used shortcut, the user will believe there is something wrong with the application, or even with the machine.

  • Open CD gag - This joke application will open or close the CD-ROM drive, then launch a specified program, puzzling most users. Perfect for adding to the shortcut of a commonly used application or to the startup of the machine.

  • Fantasy Football League Organizer - This software can be used by league commissioners with new or existing leagues, as well as by individual team owners who want to keep track of rosters, stats, and standings.

  • US Mint Quarters Free Raffle - Anyone can enter for free and there is no purchase necessary. Every Ten weeks, 10 winners are randomly selected to receive Coin and Paper Money Related Products.



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